Friday, November 11, 2011

Buncombe Trail 55k November 6th 2011

This is a 55k trail run that Terry (Ultra Terry) put on in 2008 and 2009 before moving to the Enoree Passage 40M.   A friend Viktor wanted to get in another Marathon or greater Distance before the close of the year. We as runners welcomed the challenge that would come with running this self supported run. Little notice we started the morning with 6 eager runners.

                                       Left to Right (Me, Drew, Bobby, Terry, Viktor, Larry)
We gathered around the back of Drew’s car looking over the trail maps and hoping that we would not get lost out there. I took a black sharpie and wrote the trail coolers on my hand. Yellow, Purple, cross road, White, cross road, Green, cross road, Red, Yellow back to finish.

As we started off Viktor and Bobby shot out like they were going to be late for dinner. Drew and I went at a moderate pace thinking about Croft ½ Marathon and Mad Marsh 50k the next two weekends.  We both had said that this would just be a slow long training run for Mad Marsh. (who runs a 55k training for a 50k????) Terry and Larry went at Terry’s pace hoping to get back in time for her show that night. (the amazing race)
Drew and I ran together for about 15 miles or so. We had a great time chatting about life, love, running, and the Raven. LOL ( As we were running we came across a grave site. Drew told me that an airplane had crashed out there some years back and that they come out and put stuff out for them.  We hit a couple road crossings and then Viktor come up from behind us. Drew and I looked at each other like when did we pass him?? Come to find out Viktor had taken a wrong turn and ended up behind us. (putting Bobby in 1st) Viktor again took off leaving Drew and I to our own devices. Drew and I keep running until we came up on a pile of logs blocking the trail and the ground cut out and bird feathers sticking out of the ground.

Drew and I looked around thinking Bobby or Viktor was messing with us. After talking for a min I started to get really freaked out and wanted to put as many miles between it and myself. I told Drew it was time for me to pick up the pace.
I started running faster hoping that I would meet up with Viktor at some point. After a couple more miles came up on an Aid drop Terry had put out the day before. This was at the Purple, White road crossing.

I decided to have a seat and drink some water and have a snack. As I was sitting there I saw Viktor pop out of a trail head. (looks like he took another wrong turn) He ran about 3 miles out of the way at this point in the day. Viktor and I looked and saw another set of tracks going the wrong way thanking that Bobby may have done the same thing.  Drew came up and hit up the Aid station too. We turned to ask Viktor a question and he was off again. I took off after him hoping that we would meet up with Bobby.
I came back up on Viktor taking Videos and Pictures the whole run (hoping to learn how to make a little movie one day). After running with Viktor for a little bit I decide to try and catch up with Bobby, so off I went.

I was closing in on Bobby and thought to myself I should start takeing another viedo. As I pull out my phone and hit the Start button BOOM!!!!!!!!! Sjigfenjkfyhweuhfsduf&*^&#%#%&*)^ I hit the ground and HARD. Yes it’s on video cleverly named… Joe Bites it at Buncome….. Thanks Drew J

I jumped up as fast as I could hoping that I did not land in horse poo. I said a few 4letter words dusted myself off and ran up to Bobby. We ran together chatting and here comes Viktor. All 3 of us run together for a bit, and then I decided to take off seeing how fast I could go after running 20 miles at this point. I ran alone for awhile started missing everyone. (I was getting lonelyL). I called a friend to see how her brunch was going then called my Gma to see how her day was. I started sowing down hoping that Viktor and Bobby would meet back up with me soon. When they meet up again we all ran off talking and leap forging one other. Then Viktor and I started heading off. We hit the next Aid that Terry had put out for us and sat down and rested for a bit. When we hit the next road we stopped and made sure we were going the right way. We ended up coming up on an open logging section where the markings and trail were gone (this was the Red trail) so as we found our way we left arrows on the ground made from sticks so the rest of the runners would not have to do the same thing. As we came close the end (last 4miles) I decided to see how fast I could run  NOT SO FAST but ended with a time of 9:22:00 not bad. When Viktor and Drew made it to the end we all talked about the ups and downs of the run. I showed them the Video of me eating the dirt and we all had a good laugh. We took some pictures and sat around hoping that Terry and Larry would make it out soon. We wanted to stick around for them but we all had a long drive waiting on us.

Another great run with great friends!

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  1. Yes, Joe, it was a good friendly run! Thanks to Terri for organizing it as it turned out - for me! The most sociable of all my previous ones, and it made it less tiresome. Yeah, who would run 55 km training run before 50 km Ultra? :-) Turned out for me as 60 - 64 km (~ 40 miles)... And I caught myself thinking - why am I still trying to run uphills after 50 km already behind me?? :-)
    Congrats Joe on winning your first run! We'll run again and soon!