Sunday, November 13, 2011

Camp Croft ½ Marathon November 12th 2011

I love this ½ it is a great course and so much fun. Seth Novak is the RD of this run and dose an amazing job. There are always little things that people nag about after a run (even me), but not this one. I get home that night and the results and pictures are up about 6hr after the run DANG that was fast.

            Another reason I love this run is getting to see so many people. It’s like an upstate runner’s reunion. Lets hit the list Seth, Ned, Jason Sullivan, Jason Steinberg, Bo, Brian, and new friend Tiana.

            Bo and I drove together to the run, we got there supper early and got to chat it up with Seth for a little bit and the volunteers. The time came for all the runners to start showing up. As Bo and I walk back down to the truck we see Jason Sullivan.

All I could think was WOW he is amazing. He ran 100 miles the weekend before and now is out here sweeping the 1/2. Quick fist bump and we went our ways sure to see him after the run.

Now the start of the run.
        Bo and I line up and see Ned next to us. We all talk about how SUPPER cool we were then we here Seth telling everyone to get ready. BANG the gun went of and we were running up the start. Ned pulled away with the faster runners Bo and I settled into a pace. We started down the open path and up from behind us come Jason Steinberg; now this was a real treat for me. We have run a lot of the same events and have been facebook friends for about a year and now I knew we would get to talk for a good 6 to 13.5 miles. We did run the down hill part to table rock but that was like 2min.

The trail
         When you start the run you head up the gravel road then at the end hit the trail. There is a good open trail for about a mile, after that you come to some good up and down single track hills back to an open section. There are a couple road crossings then the last 5 miles (5.5) are back to some single track up and downs. There are some good technical sections as well as some open smooth parts. This is a great mix of trails that every trail runner can enjoy. During the run we all talked about runs and funs. I headed up after about mile 1.7 when we hit a single track with some good up and downs which I love, so I sped up a little (mistake) at mile 2.9 I twisted my ankle and went down. BOY did it hurt, but I’m happy with my self in the fact that I did not say any 4 letter words. I did yell out LOAD!!! But did not yell like a girl it was a guy yell (another thing I am proud about). As I sat there feeling bad thinking that I would just walk to the 1st aid station and call it a day, or just waiting till Jason Sullivan came up and hobble out with him sweeping me; here comes Jason Steinberg. He said I thought that was you yelling are you ok? Yea bro I’m ok just did it again something that I have been doing a lot lately. He reached out and pulled me up and said come own. Me being a good boy I did what I was told and stated running. Did it hurt yea but after a bit it went away, about mile 6 I really started feeling the Sunday run before that (buncombe 55k). I just started thanking man you’re doing it again over loading yourself with runs. Next week your running a 50k (and hoping to break 5hr) come on man you cant enjoy this run as much because now your thinking about the next one and how you may have messed yourself up too much to hit your goal. Bo, Jason, and I ran together till about mile 8.1 then I lead off a bit. I started feeling better and was hoping to better my time from the 1st year. I ran up on Brian and said Hi and went on running. I start getting closer to the end and yep not going to better my time (maybe break 2hr) about a mile left. not going to break 2hr LOL I start walking and laughing thinking to myself ( Joe you cocky, arrogant bastard) you just ran a 55k/ you just twisted your ankle/ there has been mud everywhere, do you really think you were going to come out here and run like a Kenyan. A man yelled out to me don’t let them see you walking well that just feed me and I took off running out the last ¼ mile as hard as I could. Finish time 2:02:13.

                                            (left to right Bo, Myself, Jason Steinberg)
After the run.
          The band starts playing they are so much fun to listen to.                                                                  
I love that part hell I love the entire morning. Seth comes up and gets ready for the awards a little faster than I was hoping. I forgot my beer and was going to go to the gas station and pick some up. I asked him about 2 min before when he was going to start hoping he would say in about 20min nope 5min. It was for the best really don’t need to be drinking in front of the rangers AND speaking of the RANGERS  Park Ranger Woody 3rd over all 1:40:07 where did this trail dog come from. I’m pretty sure it was his 1st ½ and boy did he rock out with his…… well you know the rest. There were so many give aways and prizes and just happy runners everywhere. I talked with old and new friends and waited to see when Jason Sullivan would pop out as the sweeper. Got to talk with everyone for a bit and then headed home.

                                     Another great run and wonderful morning.

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  1. Good run, Joe! You and Bo had a good day! Sorry for your ankle, good thing is that it's not the major injury, as you were able to recover on the run! And congrats on controlling yourself during fall - atta boy! If I'd run it, I'd run slow and steady! :-)