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Mad Marsh 50k November 19th 2011 Quest to break 5 hour’s

I have wanted to break 5hr in a 50k every since I 1st started thinking of running an Ultra. To me it was like a Marathon runner with the goal to break 4hr. I started the week with my eye on the prize. Made a small mile/time sheet for the run, this being a 4.5 mile loop here was the plan.

Pace 9:20 per mile. (Thinking run an 8:40min mile and it would even out depending on terrain)

Loop 1 mile 4.5   / 41:80
Loop 2 mile 9      / 1:24:00
Loop 3 mile 13.5 / 2:05:80
Loop 4 mile 18   / 2:48:00
Loop 5 mile 22.5 / 3:29:80
Loop 6 mile 27   / 4:12:00
Loop 7 mile 31.5 / 5:00:00

When I got home Tuesday night got a call from MAD DOG with some good info on how to reach my goal. Ran 3 miles and looked at my watch the whole time (something I have never done before). I have always told people when they ask for any input from me “just run hard when you feel good and ease off when you need to” “finish feeling good and enjoy the run” “don’t chase the clock” Now here I am chasing a clock???? There is a goal I want to reach and Dam it I will reach it. I read a friend's Blog about his 100 mile “Reckoning” and how he reached his goal and it was truly ALL inspiring. After reading it I was pumped felt like I could do anything I put my mind to. Key word there my mind staying focused on the time would be hard or me. I like to day dream when I run.

Head in a bad place
As the week got closer to race day I started thinking {did I run to much this month? (Running a 55k, then the next weekend running a ½ marathon then this 50k) Did I not put in the miles I needed to the past 3 months? Did I fall too much and mess my ankle up again?} February this year I really jacked my ankle up and was getting ready to run a 50miler in March and had a DNF 2 miles in. My ankle hurt, got calls from someone that really got my head out of wack. I walked back to the start scratched my name off the runners list ducking anyone that knew me. As I took my name off the list a woman walked up and said “done already?” man did that feel bad. I went got in my truck and just wept. My friend Andrew was sitting there next to me and I just could not stop. {Thinking you’re a grown freaking man STOP} After a few minutes I got my crap together and stopped feeling bad for myself and drove home. All this came back to me and it was a mental battle to keep the negative out of my mind. Then there was F.A.T.S 50k where I started running with Katie who was moving (she would have come close to a 4:30:00) I started running with her then and talked about her goal how her husband, and couch/friends where there to cheer her on. Then we got lost and I got even MORE lost LOL about mile 26 she started leaving me but really she was running slower then she could (8:10pace or so) I think she was not trying to leave me behind at points. I hit a gravel road and tripped and hit the ground starting the trend of me falling on every trail run for the next month. I popped up and only God and the trail know where I was heading after that. I hit my Garmin and the screen when black was able to get it back but lost all the data at that point. Over the next month I would hear little back ground noise “do you thank he really ran the whole 50k?” I knew I could run a 50k in less than 5 but I like to stop and check things out and talk to people on the run, but not this time I AM RUNNING THE CLOCK.

The Drive
         Bo, Viktor, MAMA (Viktor’s mom), and I all drove down talking about running and other stuff. We got to Drew’s and went in talked for a bit MAMA took a pick and we were off. The 4 horsemen Bo Millwood, Drew Walker, Viktor Trukov, and myself. We drove and drove and guess what took a wrong turn. NO WAY not this group of runners we would never take a wrong turn LOL. Bo and MAMA were in the truck with me and Viktor was riding with Drew and we just joked about it “we can’t even get to the run with out getting lost”. We got back on track and in no time we were there. Got a nice room and we were off to get the packets. Bo and I talked a little bit about the Marine Corps and nether of us had been back to that part of South Carolina scene boot camp.  We got our packets and drove the trail. When we were driving the trail checking it out there were dear everywhere I MEAN EVERY WHERE!!!! We were almost so close to them we could reach out and touch them. It was so cool.

The Night Before
            Back at the Hotel we talked about running, went over the trail, and worked out what our plans were; may it be a time goal, just have fun, what have you. Then the chill mode kicked in. Golf, girls, America funniest home video, what ever guys talk about; it was a great night just hanging out with friends. Some funny stuff… what’s the difference between a white tail and a black tail dear? The cooler! Hahaha.

Time to run/THE RUN

We got up and got ready take some pictures and then off to the start. The temperature was about 38 and the sun came up right before the start. I was so focused on the run I did not talk to anyone. The RD started the run with a prayer and Drew had his IPod on at the time and started telling everyone to watch out for a BIG hole that was right at the start. I took out one of his ear buds and told him they were praying and I just started laughing and could not stop. This was a great thing getting my mind off the run for a sec. We took off and I was moving to fast so I slowed down to the pace I had set for myself. I need to run an even 9:20 pace, so I set my mind to run an 8:40 that way I would have time at the aid station and more time on the last loop if I needed. Running an 8:40 would work out the give me an extra 3min each loop. After loop one I was 3 min ahead of the 9:20 pace, just grab a PB&J and took off. Loop 2, 6min ahead so I stopped for 2 min got food and talked to the volunteers knowing that they would be the only people I would get to talk to the entire run L but they were GREAT.
I was off again 4 min ahead of 5hr time. I knew at the start of loop 3 that I would be alone the whole time. I could see the faster runners on the long open greens this being a gulf curse but that’s it just seeing them. It was a flat run with only one hill I consider myself a downhill runner and that’s where I normally kill it. I started day dreaming about coming up on that hill than looked at my pace 10:40 WHAT run boy run!!! The next mile ran a 7:40 I was not sure how long I was day dreaming for and need to make that time up. This is about the time I started passing people. I cough up to Drew about a mile before the 4th loop and was able to talk to him for a min. He stopped to change his shoes and I keep going. I was 8 min ahead at this point so I stopped for 3 min at the aid station tried to joke with people knowing that it would be a bit before I got to hear anything other than my IPod. LOOP 4 I was getting sick of thinking about time and numbers my mind was turning to mush.
This would be the math problem that would give me a 4:52:10
            7345890457489165 ex = 1 + x + x2/2 + x3/3! + x4/4! + xn/n! where n!=n*(n-1)*(n-3*2*)1ex = 1 + x + x2/2 + x3/3! + x4/4! + xn/n*...*3*2*1ex = 1 + x + x2/2 + x3/3! +
b. -0.2x²+12x + 11 = 0
Use the quadratic formula to solve
x = [-b ± √ (b²-4ac)] / (2a)
   = [-(12) ± √ ((12)² - 4(-0.2) (11))] / 2(-0.2)
   = [-12 ± √ (152.8)] / -0.4
   = 30 ± -30.903
d. & e. y' = -0.4x + 12 = 0
-0.4x = -12
x = 30
Min/max occurs on mile 30

well this was what it felt like 

I started slowing down a bit because of this about an 8:54 pace. I have always told people that my body could run a lot harder than my mind. This was what I mean by that. My body was still feeling good, but my mind was getting lost turning to number mush. I don’t like running like this and runners that do I have so much respect for. I don’t know how they keep all this together. My Marathon PR I was stopping and joking with a friend I made on the run (Rachael) and did not even know what my time was until another friend asked me and I looked at the Garmin. The day before I PRd a 10mile run where I meet (Bo) for the 1st time. That’s how I like to run (just run); so really I just run other peoples pace so I can talk and joke. If I get tired I slow down and if I feel like taking off I do. Ok back to the run LOOP 5 aid station I was back to 8min ahead if my time so another 2 min at the aid station. Thinking that if I get 3 min on loop 5 then loop 6 and 7 I could run a 10min pace and still make the sub-5 well on the trail again. Started loop 5 feeling like crap just could not get my mind together. This whole run was numbers “GOD how do runners do this” this is definitely not my stile. I started thinking well Joe this is good training for pacing Columbia. Then I stated thinking no the hell its not... part of a pacers JOB is to talk to the other runners and encourage them to make what ever time their goal is. I wish I was doing that right now. Then I said Joe you’re a runner and you have a goal encourage your self. I was able to hold an 8:40 pace but; boy it was hard. 2 miles into this loop there was a mom and 2 kids on a gulf cart behind me. I keep thinking of Run Fat Boy Run a 2007 British comedy film directed by David Schwimmer, written by Michael Ian Black and Simon Pegg, and starring Pegg. He's running the Nike River Marathon in London Mr. Ghoshdastidar (Harish Patel) his landlord uses unorthodox methods of training, such as using a spatula to spank him. I looked back and asked if they had a spatula. She decides to speed past me at that point probably thinking I was some crazy freak, but it made total since to me. Bo had given me 5hr energy before the run. I had wanted to take it for a long time, but was saving it for loop 6 and here it comes. Loop 6 --- 10min ahead of pace time. I stopped for 3min then took off that put me 7min ahead. I took the 5hr and it saved me. It cleared my mind and thank God. Another loop like that and I would not make it. Now with my mind clear and back on track I was moving at an 8:30 pace for the 1st 2.5 miles of the 4.5 mile loop. The second ½ of the loop was like a wind tunnel and really kicked my butt this time. I just started looking for people to pass and broke it down like that. It got my mind of the numbers and keep me at a good pace. I ran up on Viktor and I wanted to keep his pace and talk so bad but just keep going. Loop 7 the end….. The last loop…... I hit the aid station and had 48 or so min to make it the next 4.5 I was going to hit it and then some. I dropped my water bottle and was off just taking my IPod. Just knock this loop out and you can quit counting and if anyone ask me a math problem ever again the rest of my life I will purple nurple there ass. I had been so focused on my time it made me sick. 2.5 miles into the last loop my gut fell out. I stopped and puked up the strawberry heed. Thinking dam I needed that now where am I going to get the calories I need? Well of again. I hit the finish line and bam 4:52:10 almost 8 min under 5hr yaaaaaaaaaa... right? Nope there was no joy for me. I was sitting at the truck and Drew came by on his last loop and asked my time and we talked well he talked for a min. He asked "are you ok?" I said yes and he said that it was ok for me to be excited about my time it would not heart his feelings. I think he thought I was holding back my joy of my time. The truth is I could not talk I just did algebra for 5hr my brain was not linking up. There is still no joy in it. I did it yea that’s great, but what did I give up to get that time? Was there a runner out there that invented something cool? Was there a cancer patent that beat it and is now running Ultras? I don’t know because I was looking at a clock. I got to see everyone cross the finish Bo and Viktor both PRd the run and I guess I did too but I know for a fact now that I don’t care about a time. I care about the experience of the run. The trail. The times and numbers are something cool to look and check out but if I run the next 50k in 9hr it will not bother me, because in that 9hr I will get to experience so much more than a NUMBER!  The whole ride home and until the next morning my mind was mush; the next day my body felt fine but my brain was still fogy.

            Race recap
I hated the fact that it was flat never running on anything with out hills my whole life it was very hard for me. The volunteers and family were just great. I would give them 10 out of 10. If you’re looking for a flat run with a good aid station and great volunteers head to Mad Marsh. It did get hot during the run and the sand flees came out so take bug spray. There was another runner’s family that hooked me up. I probably will not go back not because there is anything wrong that was off putting about the event or the way it was organized; I just did not like how flat it was. Add some little hills and I’m there. Great Job to the RD.

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  1. Awesome job!!!! :) I agree about the flatness...not my favorite, but it's where I live right now, so I gotta get people out and running no matter what! Great PR! A lot of people got some wicked fast times; it was great. And I agree the volunteers were top notch!