Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Harbison 50k

This is the 2nd year for this run and my 2nd time running in it. I use the term running loosely here. After my last 50k (Mad Marsh) and breaking 5hr I told myself that the next one will be all FUN!!!!

This was by far the most fun I have ever had at a 50k or any run for that matter. I went down the night before and meet up with (your name here) and had a sweet pre-race dinner with everyone. Got totally amped for the run.


  When I got up that morning I put my Garmin on my ankle. I was not going to “race” this one. Just have fun. There were so many friends that would be there, ether running or helping with the Aid Stations how could I not have fun.  Earlier I had gotten a text from a friend that said she would come out and pace me my 2nd loop. “How sweet I thought” there is no way I cant have a good time. When I got to the run I said hi and joked around with everyone. I though to myself that this is going to be BALLER!!!!!

            Loop 1. Dan started the run and we were off. I was looking at this run as an AS to AS run with friends. Ran with some friends then took off to the next pack of runners and ran with more friends. I would keep doing this most of the 1st loop. When I hit AS 1 I grabbed the tray with the cake and jumped in the hammock that was hanging up. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. “What are you doing?” “ I’m having fun man.” LOL. Bo shot past and I got up and chased after him. He was leading a train of about 9 runners. 

Aid Station 2. A much quicker stop. I chatted with Bri for a min and took off to A/S 3.
Aid Station 3 pulling up to the A/S I would see Greta. I ran up to her giving her a BIG hug. It was great seeing her again… some funny stuff at A/S 3 ___ so they make rice krispie treats out of fruity pebbles. WOW I was in heaven. I never knew that. As I was in total shock of never knowing that Will look over and said “you’re just a teenager trapped in a 25 year olds body” 28 I quickly said. I act like such a kid out there on the trails. I can understand why everyone thinks I’m 24 or 25. I like that; it just shows how much joy it brings me.  As I got into spider woman I would end up running with Will and finishing the 1st loop with him.

Loop 2. I was looking forward to this knowing that Jordan would be there to run the 2nd loop with me. When I got there we all took off. It was such a treat. We ran with Will for a bit then Jordan’s competitive nature took over and we just started passing people. Joking and talking about what ever people talk about for 3hr’s. I really started feeling the miles about mile 29ish. Not training much for this run started getting to me. She started running ahead of me a little bit (pulling me) pushing me. She could tell that the miles were getting to me and I was ready to be done. It was so funny to see her look back with such a big smile every time we passed someone.
            The end!  YAAAAAAAAA I’m done J I joked about cutting a cartwheel into a hand spring and ending it with a Tebow. Jordan told me that Tebowing was played out. So when I crossed the finish line what did I do???? Cartwheel into a front handspring YEA BOY best finish ever LOL people made comments “if you could do that you did not run hard enough” well I think I did and my goal was to have fun and that was exactly what happened. I had a blast.

After the run

            There were a lot of friends I said hi to and sat with joking and talking about the run. (Drinking from my Boondocks Saints Flask with Jack Daniels). Then I made my way over to the Salmon shoe rep where Jordan was. She mad a comment to him that she would love a pair for her B-day. The Rep looked at me and said well there you go. I started laughing and told him that she would need to talk to someone other than me (something like that) and you should have seen his face Hahaha. Jordan looked up and said “he wishes” and that it’s funny that just because we were about the same age and both runners that we must be boyfriend/girlfriend. Haha 

Race Recap.

            This year the curse was a little faster, but that’s not me trying to take away from anyone’s performance. There was a lot of amazing race times. Dan (RD) did an amazing job (again) this year. Give it some more years and it will be the type of 50k that you will have to sit at your computer to register for the min it opens because it will fill up in the 1st hour. Personally I don’t see how anyone could not have a good time out there. There is some sweet swag as well as great people helping with the run. The last mile on each loop was really hard on my feet. The spider woman section is my favorite part. I feel the fastest there. All in all I can’t wait till next year.