Sunday, May 13, 2012

Recent thoughts of a runner “this guy”

     Over the past couple years I have “run” into many kinds of runners. I have even come up with little nick names for them.

The Speedy: this runner is all about the race times how to shave that .10 of a sec. off there time. They know all there times from all there races and can tell you every sec of there PR events.

The Gadget: This runner always has the latest and greatest in running technology.   

The Free Runner: This runner never has more than the basic necessities to complete there run.

The Trainer: This runner is always training for something but you never know what.

The Steady: This runner is not fast but they can keep going at a “steady” pace for days.

The Jokester: This runner is more about having a good time instead of a fast time. 

The Brain: This runner has more knowledge about running in there pinky finger then most will know in a life time.

The Stressor: This runner gets stressed out about an event, time, course, and so on. 

The Run-a-way: This runner started running/working out to get away form something. Addiction, stress from life, a past relationship.

The Improver: This runner is always growing in the running world.

The Idol: This runner is ether very fast or extremely respected by other runners in some way. 

The Newbie:  New to the running world exited and always looking with there ears trying to soak in everything they can.

     Now I’m not saying that a runner falls into only one of these “labels” I myself fall into about 4 of them. I’m not trying to say that anyone of them are bad just some observations. I love the fact that there are so many types of people at events and I have met some amazing people and made some lifetime friends on “the run”. The truth is we may see each other once a week, month, year, but we are like a little family. We talk trash, joke, and share stories from past runs. We fight and bitch with each other sometimes, we don’t always see eye to eye on things, but we are all together for “the run” and that will keep us a family.

     I have start trying to put little events together because I love all of these types of people and I want to give back in some kind of way. Over the past month or so I have had people tell me maybe I should chill out with some of my antics that I have done in the past. That maybe it’s a bad idea for an RD to --- run necked, ware blue jeans, batman underwear, just to name some of the stuff I’ve pulled in the past. I have given that advice a lot of thought and there probably right, but knowing me I’ll probably keep doing it.

    For some reason people think I’m a lot faster than I really am and when they find out that I’m not some 3:10:00 marathon runner they always ask me “what’s your training like?” “what’s your nutrition like?” when I tell them they say you know it you backed off the crap food, do speed work, harder longer runs that you could be faster. I just smile and say “I know” but the truth is I really don’t give a crap. I think if I was to be put into ONE of the labels above I would be “The Run-a-way”. I just like to get out there and forget all the past/new problems in my life. 

    I love that there are so many kinds of people from so many back grounds out there. One thing that a running friend said not to long ago that I just love is. The great thing about the sport of running over other sports is that we are at times on the same field as out idols. We can be the slowest person but run the same course on the same day as the professionals.

    I have also fallen in love with Ultra running for many reasons. It gives me more time to forget and run-a-way. At the end of an Ultra no matter if you were first or last you are treated the same. The mindset of the ultra world is a lot different than your standard 5k or ½ Marathon running group.

The truth about my running is I have never felt as if I was/am/are a runner. Maybe it’s because it’s just a way for me to get away from myself and just be. These are just some things that float around it my little brain. 

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