Monday, June 4, 2012

Chattooga 50k before during and after.

Before the start.
      This was a really memorable 50k for me. It put a lot of things in perceptive for me. Many people know that my kidneys have been giving me a lot of trouble because of my DNF at FHT. For some reason I think I'm supper human and 2 weeks after getting out of the hospital I ran a ½ marathon, 2 weeks after that a 50k and now a month latter another 50k. Not two smart.

      The weekend was one of the best I have had in a long time. Friday started with a 7 mile run with no pain. That night was a lot of fun too. The next morning I got up and went to Bo’s house. Terri was doing a Saturday and Sunday run this year. Bo and I went up to help at aid station 2/3 with Mike and some others. It was great hanging out with everyone. That night Bo, Phyllis, Andy, and I had dinner together. Then off to the cabin to get some sleep. When we got there Greta was there and boy do I love me some Greta. She is such an amazing person. To tell the truth everyone that I have meet and become close to in the Ultra community are some of the best people I have ever meet in my life.

      Some high lights from the Saturday runners. Jeff finished 2nd . Phyllis,, Drew and Chris also did and amazing job out there. Viktor ran it with plans to run it Sunday as well and he did and did a great job both days.

Me Mile 22 with Viktor at Mile 17
      Seeing every one was just great. Going to Terri’s runs always feel like a big family reunion. Terri started the run and we were off. Doug, Andy, and I took off having so much fun. We were moving so fast it was crazy. Joking and picking on each other. The first out and back is about 7 miles down "Winding Stairs".  You run down 3.5 miles of winding switchbacks before reaching a gravel road and then climbing back out. We were killing this section even with the climb out. After this you have a 12 mile out and back on a section of the foothills. About mile 14 my kidneys were starting to feel bad again. The mentally hard part is this is about where they started shutting down during my Foothills 77 mile attempt. When we got to mile 17 AS 2 Doug was 4th, Andy was 5th, and I was in 6th place. We were killing the run, but by that point my insides were on fire. We stoped to get some food. Doug took off then Andy and me. We hit the bridge and came back. Mile 21 we were still in the place order, but I was about to drop out. I talked to Chris and said that I was going to drop and he looked at me and said “what’s that?”  That put a smile on my face. I looked up at Lester who came out to cheer us on and asked if he would run the last 10 miles with me. I knew that I could not do it on my own. We chatted for a min and he said yes. I knew then that I would make it. There are some people that you run with and every time they teach you more and more and Lester is one of those runners. We took off and I was still dying inside. We hit the hills and he told me “Lift your head up it’s like bending a straw you can’t get airl. “ “When you go up the hills lock your hips and knees”. “It takes the work out of your muscles” I was set then. He would tell me this more as I got out of form. I would keep looking down at Angela’s ribbon on my shorts and remember what she went through and would draw strength from that. We came across another runner and he was in bad shape. We stopped and checked on him and he started running with us. I don’t know what we did or said but it seemed to snap him out if it. We would pick up more runners like this on the way. They all ran with us until the last 2 miles then pass me. The last .5 miles I here a girl say “RUN RUN STOP WALKING” I said back “I WILL THROW A WATER BATTLE AT YOU” Lester then told me that it was a kid I felt really bad. Thinking man I hope they know I’m joking. As we get closer I see that it’s Bri. Think God it’s her she knows I’m just playing. As I got next to her she said in a soft voice “so why you walking” this is not the first time she has said this to me in a run and I think she likes picking on me. I told her that I was feeling like crap. She gave me the head nod that she does letting me know it was ok. Her being a runner and a great one at that she knew that I was doing my best. I told Lester that I did not want any more runners to pass me to beat me considering that I was passed by 6 in the last 2 miles. We turn the corner and Lester said here one comes. I took off after about 100 yards I look back and no one was there. I start smiling Lester gives me a little punch in the shoulder and we laugh all the way to the end. We all sat around talking about how that last 10 miles killed us all.
Me and Lester cracking up.
Garmin time 6:35:12

The perspective I gained out there.
I think I am close to having my food/water intake down.
Seeing the parking lot where I thought I was going to die really sucked. 
That was a hard climbing 50k. Saying that it feels flat after the running the 60miles of foothills before that section. So that shows me how hard the foothills trail really is.
I need to take some time off from ling runs and let my body heal.   

The trail.
The first 3.5 all down hill then you hit a road turn around and climb out. The next 10 miles are a killer. Large climbs and fast down hills. You hit AS 2 and 2 miles to a bridge turn around and come back. Then hit the same 10 miles back to the finish. That 2nd 10 miles really takes it out of everyone.

Terri is an amazing RD and she has really made a home for a lot if runners in the south east. It is always great to see everyone out there. We all owe her a lot and I think her for bring so many good people together. Until next time. Also wishing Jason the best at WS 100.