Sunday, October 7, 2012

F.A.T.S 50k - Profound Thought

Andy and I before the run
     Running F.A.T.S was an eye opener for me. I used to be such a care free runner. Half cocked training and just doing what felt good. No real training plan just went out and did it. “Nutrition” what the hell is that? How many miles do you run a week? Hummm 20 maybe. What was your last 50k time? 4:54 or something like that. Have you ever read born to run? No I really don’t read about running I just do it.

     After FHT (Foothills Trail 77) I started rethinking how I should train, run, and eat, and so on. Everything I did or tried just messed me up more. I just like to run and do my thing and today it hit me I CAN’T run like people “expect” me to run. Yes I need to look at my water and food intake so I don’t crash, but turning it into my life or trying to do what others expect is just too much pressure. Being an RD and others expectations of how “good “I should do in an event has just turned running into something that is more than it should be for me.

     Going into F.A.T.S as a “training run” to see how my recovery has come along was the best thing I have ever done. I just ran with friends leading up to it. Did not stress about it or have some pre-run ritual. I just showed up and ran like I used to and guess what. I felt great and was running strong. I still don’t have the speed I once did but my body felt amazing. I “DNF” it but truthfully I just stopped at mile 26 feeling great in 4th 5th (ish) place. (You can never tell out there what place your really in because people will sometimes take the GW trail backwards I did it last year). I just stopped and ran to the finish turned my bib in and played with my puppy for a bit. I just stopped. I did not feel like running any more. 
One Day He Just Stopped

     Doug F. talked to me a bit before the run and his words of wisdom rang throughout my head the whole time. I am out there for the fun of it. I am out there just to run. I never cared before what place I was in or what my pace was or how many miles I had left. I was just out for a run. Once I ran 36 miles on a Saturday when I was planning to run 5. I just went out for a run and thought well never been down that road, never been up that hill, I wonder what is over there. I want to get back to that. I need to get back to that for my own good.

     Now a bit about the run and not so much my thoughts during the run. 5 minuets before the start time I had to go poo. So I started 4 minutes after everyone and another pulse to what happened today. I knew I would not be able to get 1st because of that all the pressure was off. Just ran with one pack then passed and ran with another pack. After about 8 miles I was running with another run just talking and enjoying the day. He told me how he had to take a break from Ultras for a bit but did not go into why. I’m glad I was running with him. He knew the trails so there was less of a chance for me to get lost. After mile 18ish when I knew I was good on my own I eased off and watched him run off. I was happy to get to meet him and hoping to maybe meet someone new when they ran up. No one ever came up so I hit the last aid station and sat around and talked with people for a bit. The trails were in great condition and the bike moguls really do a number on your legs.

     My thoughts in this are get back to the fun I once had. One Epic Run will be my last event as an RD. I do have so much fun doing it but again added stress. I don’t have any events of my own to run the rest of the year and it’s going to stay that way. I will pace Jason and Doug R. in there events and that will be it.

     I talked with Tim and Doug R. after the run and the things that told me just backed up how I have been feeling and I know without a doubt I am doing what’s best for me. Back to “fun”, back to running a 50k and doing a back hand spring across the finish. Back to Joe Running. 

Having Fun at Aid Station 3

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