Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ultra Running – A new outlook.... maybe

     This is a bit more about where my head has been about my running. I have been reading over my blog and my runs and realized I just have not been excited about any of them. I have been excited about the people I would be seeing at the runs but not the runs themselves. I post these blogs to have a way for myself and to look back and reflect. (but I think it is really cool the people read them and hope that maybe it helps with their running).

Mill Stone 50k…

     What a great event. One of the best 10 mile loops I have ever been on. I really loved the trail and loved being able to run with Kelley. I dropped out of this after 2 loops because I was just not excited to be there I wanted to be at a hash run that was starting not far from there. (drinking club with a running problem…. NOT smoking weed).

     After this I thought it is time for me to just move on and do something other than running ultras. Back to the gym I went and canceled or dropped to a shorter distance for the remainder of the runs I was registered for BUT I still felt the urge to run.

Graveyard 100 mile…

     My friend Marie-Ange asked me during Pinhoti 100 last year if I would pace her at Graveyard and I was stoked to be able to but then she moved and it did not look like it was going to happen. About a week after Mill Stone 50k she said she would be flying back in to run it. We worked out all the details and off to the start of the race we went. Both of us have been dealing with “burn out” so I was surprised to see her coming out for the 100. After the race started the rest of the crew and myself went back to the hotel we were staying at to get some food and get ready to start our long day.

     After about 4 hours we got a call to come pick her up.  (She DNF). After talking with her about burn out and after talking about different things over this weekend it hit me****** it’s not burn out it’s just we want to do some other things besides run for a little while or maybe that is what burnout is.  

     Looking at your average Ultra runner they range from 35 to 45 years old and have done many other things in their lives before picking up Ultra running. I looked up some stats and talked to a few other Ultra runners and former Ultra runners in our age range. Most Ultra runners our age, unmarried and still pursuing their career paths last about 2 years before they leave Ultras for other passions.

     I’m not sure if that is what “burn out” is or it is just that simple. I just want to try other stuff for a while. I never gave my body time to recover from the rhabdomyolysis I got last year and never gave my mind time to reset. I’m still looking at doing another 50k later this year but if I don’t get excited about it then Ill probably back out of it as well. I think running Ultras all the time made me lose some of the fun and joy in them. 

I just registered for a 5k today and I don’t think I have ever been this excited to run 3 miles in my life. Maybe this is the first step into getting my mojo back.

Only time will tell………