Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Emerald City 5k – New trail discovery

     Every year a high school kid in/around Greenville puts on a 5k as their school project.  Little did I know this was the one this year. It is not that they do a bad job. To tell the truth is was very well “put on” event. The start was a bit late but other than that a great event. The problem for me is all the high school track kids come out for it. You know how hard it is for a 29 year old “Ultra” runner to keep up with a 16 year old high school track kid. HARD!!!!!! But soooooo much fun.

     As we started the 5k it ran a little on the road and I was probably in 10th place at the short comeback before we hit the trail. I was thinking as long as I could keep the 1st place kid in sight or be able to see him on a switchback I would make up the distance latter. (this is ultra thinking---not so good for a 5k). About a mile into the run I totally lost the kid and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th place people. Then it hit me “Joe you don’t have 3 hours you have 20 minutes TOTAL” SHIT!!!!! Then all I could think was Ricky Bobby “GO FAST” “FASTER FASTER FASTER”

     I kicked up the pace and by mile 2 I was right behind the 2nd place guy. This was a no joke trail 5k. Trying to push it hard out there is a little harder than I was expecting. Great trails with some nice (hard for a 5k) climbs and creeks/streams in the back of the Greenville Tech Greer campus I say check it out if you ever get a chance. As I started to pass the guy my lungs started to burn. My legs felt like they could go faster but my lungs were just not with me. Maybe it was how hard I was pushing it because I have not done that in a long time or maybe it was the pack of smokes I took down the 3 days before. Who knows I am not a doctor or smart guy like Sheldon. Just some redneck that likes running in the woods.
      Either way I made it the last mile and poped out of the trail and started making my way to the finish in 2nd place wondering how long the 1st place kid had been there. When they put up the times it showed him KICKING MY BUTT by 4 minutes. I was stoked for him and went and shook his hand and I was stoked for me and the 3rd place guy who was 34 (I think) we went out there and did a pretty good job running with the kids.

Looking forward to keeping it short for a while. 

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