Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mud Endeavor – Muddy fun

This was a new event from Florida and I must say I loved it and hope they come back. The best mud run I have ever done.

“Mud Endeavor experiences are more than just your average 5k mud adventure. With these premium course locations, Mud Endeavor tests your physical health, mental stability, and to see how much guts you actually have. The courses are designed to challenge the intense and aggressive competitor, while also appealing to the characters who just want to dress up, have fun and get a little dirty. From night courses entirely illuminated by lights, to runs through abandoned and overgrown golf courses, these terrains offer a unique and memorable experience no matter what Mud Endeavor run you take on.

     I used it as a break from “normal running” and soooo happy I did. My goal was at first to just finish in under an hour and have fun BUT when we got to the start there was a lot cross-fit hard-body Greek God looking dudes that seemed like they were going to fly past everyone in a cloud of dust. One guy was digging his heals in for takeoff and right before the bell went off to start turned back and saluted everyone like he was just so bad ass that no one had a chance. I had just been dealing with a LOT of arrogance with a past run so this kind of heated me up a little and I thought new goal. Dust this dude.

My butt
   We took off and hit the 1st of I think 12 challenges. With this dude in my sites I started moving past the cloud of runners. This Mud run was legit; very challenging and fun. You would hit spots where you would be covered from head to toe with mud then a water crossing to wash you off. This would be the style of the event the 3.1 miles. At mile 1ish I had long passed that guy that i was so heated over and was sitting in 6th place for my heat. Slowly moving behind 4th and 5th place we hit a big hill. I took this as a chance to hike and recover while the others hit it hard. There mistake my gain. The next challenge I passed one and was right on the heels of the other. 

Drew Sharpe
  We came up on a long switch back where I could see the 3rd place guy.  Drew Sharpe of Anderson, S.C. and eye on the prize I thought “I’m going to pass this guy too." BAHAHAHA he was on the comeback of what I did not know at the time a long out for me. I keep pushing hoping to see him again. As I hit the big slide before the finish there he was in the water. I thought “I still have a chance” I slid down hit the lake and started doing the back stroke. I was so gassed at this point that was all I could do. I popped out of the water and crossed the finish. NOT passing him. 

     When I did see him 1st thing I did was tell him what a great job he did and that it helped me finish strong chasing him for 2 miles. Really cool guy and I hope I get the chance to run into him again one day. He told me that he heard that this event was not coming back. WHAT?!?!?!?! No they have to!!!!! I found some of the RDs and told them how much fun it was and that there was nothing like it around here and that I hope they come back. FYI really great people. Every person helping (and they had a little army of people working) were all helpful and nice. You could not ask for better event staff. Another really cool part is that family and friends could walk to each spot of the course and cheer their runners on. There was one challenge where what looked like Girl Scout group (just that many little kids not like in the outfits) were just going nuts cheering everyone on. It was really cool to see that when you’re just so beat down. It really helps get you moving again. I ended up finishing 3rd in my age (20-29) and 11th out of 832 runners once all the heats were finished. I really did not think I had chance agents some of these guys but guess you can't count the little guy out.