Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pacing Pinhoit- It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.


     Going to keep this simple and easy. I feel like I helped a lot of runners when I could but one of the runners I was there to get to the finish did not make it. She dropped at mile 70 and I kept going with my other runner. I felt like a complete failure as a Crew/Pacer and selfishly told myself that I got her better it had to have been in her head. I did my best to keep Jason and myself moving hard for the long night ahead of us. I be dammed if he was not going to make it. Once I finished my pacing duties at mile 85 I got back in the van and seeing Annie sitting there with a fake smile on her face (you know the one “I’m ok but I’m really not”) a guilt hit that sent me into a rage. She stopped because she had to. She was sick and hurt. She made the right call. Who was I to think any other way? I was so upset with myself thinking of all the things I could have done differently. That I lashed out at Bryan and got snippy with him on the way to the next aid station. After all the hard work he put into planning, crewing and taking care of everyone the last thing he needed after almost 30 hours is someone being a brat. I said I was sorry and he just chocked it up to me being tired and beat down as well. Jason and Annie both put it all out there leaving nothing on the trail. The last five miles that Annie did was something to see. She pushed it so hard despite everything that the trail threw at her.

     Here is a link to Jason’s report to get more detail into their run.  Every runner out there if you finished or not was amazing. To take on a challenge like that is something not many will do.

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