Wednesday, December 11, 2013

One Epic Run – Only a Mothers Love

      This was the 3rd year for this event and as they say out with the old and in with the new. Angela took over Epic this year and knocked it out of the ball park.

      3.1 mile rocky, rooty trail loop. This year there was some mud thanks to all the rain but still an amazing event and a great time on the trails. My goal when putting this thing together was to make it something at the end of the year where Ultra runners can come run with friends and bring their families to enjoy the weekend with good people. It was quoted this year as “ultra tailgating party” among other cute names. There are even rumors of a pink pony named Lola that finished 5 loops. 
      I named this “Only a Mothers Love” because people were calling me the “father” of Epic I don’t have any kids so being the dad of an ultra seems kind of cool. Angela being the “mother” and only a mother’s love could have done what she did. She truly made this One Epic Run. Seeing every runner with smiles on their faces and giving high fives every second of the day and night. So many runners hit PR goals. First time running trails, first time Ultra distance, running longer than they ever have and I even cut an hour off of my 50 mile time. She had a rough week before and after Epic but was still able to make this something so special. Family friendly laid back no pressure event but still having a competitive side to it. Everything your average runner could need or want at the aid station (people have some strict diets these days) and it’s hard to have everything.

      I have cried because of this event every year for one reason or another  and yes this year was no different. Seeing people that I don’t get to see but maybe once or twice a year, seeing people that I met earlier this year and meeting so many new people. This was truly the happiest I have ever been running. To be running in the event with people that helped create this event was something that will be one of the all time greatest memories of my life.

      There were so many memories going through my head on every loop. Jason getting the stickers the first year, Bo in the woods in the middle of the night helping me mark the course and then staying there half way through the loop while I drove to Lows to get more flagging so we could finish. Billy Gordon coming back the 2nd year and seeing him come up to the finish reaching his goal of 100 miles with his family surrounding him. Jason finding out he got into Western States while on the trails the first year. The Shot/beer loops (add name here) that a few people took part in the 2nd year. John and Bo daughters huddled around the “fire” the first year out on the road helping with the aid station. Rob letting me snuggle up in his car. John setting his butt on fire. Doug F’s family helping in the way they did. Lura coming out to help and then making a “memories” book from the first year to bring to the 2nd one. Viktor running in 30* temps with no shirt on. If I had any low mental spots out there they did not last long. This list could go on for days of all the people that helped and I’m sure Angela’s list could too.

      I am so thankful that she kept Epic alive and brought it to a new level that I only dreamed about. I normally have 3 levels when it comes to my goals for a race. Epic was no different. 1 no matter what have fun and enjoy as much of it as I can, 2 get over 100 miles and 3 just run the whole 24 hours. I was staying on a clean 11 min mile pace with tight legs until around mile 38ish. About that time my legs opened up and I thought wow I don’t see anything stopping me now. WRONG!! Around mile 40 my gut went all kinds of sideways. I spent the next 10 miles trying everything I could to fix it. I was still running well but I was running scared. I hit 50 miles and decided that if I took an hour break I could still reach my goal of 100 miles without any other problems. About 20 min into my break I started cramping in my lower abs area and knew that if I continued to run that I would just spend the night fighting the pain. NUMBER 1 GOAL. Enjoy every mile. I put in a strong 50 miles and enjoyed the day on the trails. I’m going home. I did set my alarm for 1am, 4am and 6am in case I woke up feeling better. That did not happen it has still been jacked up 3 days latter but I did head back out to see the finish and help Angela if I could. There was no way I was going to miss the end of the event.

Angela putting on my finishers medal this meant the world to me. 

    I can’t wait to run it next year and see what Angela has in mind for us. I cannot think her enough for taking it over. I know that it can be hard at times and people don’t see how hard you work but you can know that you will touch so many lives and so many people will touch your heart and in rich your life just by knowing them. I can speak from experience. Thanks to this event I have met so many wonderful people that have all played a part in one way or another to make my life a better one.  

      I did not add many pictures but here is a link to the facebook page. Pictures and videos and testaments to her hard work covering the page.

Angela and Jason are putting on a 100 miles race at Croft next April (The Blind Pig) i am stoked to be running it.


  1. You, the jokester, typically with something inappropriate to say, always making me laugh at your "political incorrectness", have brought me to tears! Thank you. Not only for the kind words but for giving me a chance to build on to what you started. I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I offered to take over Epic, and up until this past weekend at Croft, when the runners started arriving, I questioned whether all the hours I put in were worth it...boy are they! I have met some of the most amazing people, built new friendships, was able to encourage runners to push themselves a little further and witnessed their accomplishments. I couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks again!

  2. I can't wait to get back there next year either! The two of you have built something truly EPIC, for anyone who wants to take what they can get from it! :-)